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What’s the catch? How is this all possible? Our founders, Huy and Tess, saw so much positivity and self-growth from yoga, they want to give back to the community. Their vision is to introduce the benefits of yoga and impact as many lives as possible. Therefore, Huy & Tess will fund an instructor to you for a session. In order to expand LXRYOGA’s impact, after your complimentary session, we will provide complimentary classes to other applicants.


You will still have an opportunity to continue to benefit from the practice of yoga at a very competitive rate after your free class. Not only will you be able to continue giving your team the gift of physical, mental, and spiritual health, but your support will allow LXRYOGA to bring in more instructors as well as expand our reach and impact to other communities.


You can also benefit from yoga events we promote throughout the community. Come out for continued self-renewal and support us by purchasing yoga apparel & accessories or by sponsoring our mission.

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