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Please reserve your class through Mindbody in advance, no walk-ins at this time.

Monthly memberships: Limit 1 class per day.

Late-Cancellation Policy

With expanding our class capacity, you will only get a late-cancel charge if the class you signed up for was once fullNote: please do not cancel your class based off of the availability you see on our website/app; the class might not be full at that moment, but could have been full at some point, turning any students away that tried to book class during that period, so please continue to book classes mindfully. There will be a charge for no-shows, regardless if the class was full or not.

If you waitlist for a class and are not able to make it for any reason, please remove yourself from the waitlist. If you have been added to the class from the waitlist, you will be charged if you late cancel/no-show within 3 hours of class start time if the class was once full. Please use the Mindbody app to check if you have been added to the class (under Profile > Schedule > Upcoming). 


Waitlist window will be closed 3 hours before class start time; you will NOT be automatically added to the class after the window closes. There will be no waitlist options for 9am classes. If you are interested in taking early morning classes, please check back in the morning and book the class if there are any openings.

Monthly membership late-cancel fee (if class was once at full capacity)/No-Show: $10
Class package/Drop-in late-cancel (if class was once at full capacity)/No-Show: Your class will be deducted from your account

To avoid a $10 late-cancellation/no-show fee, please cancel/remove yourself from the waitlist or class at least 3 hours before class start time. Unlimited members- if you late-cancel a class, you will lose your class for the day, since there’s a limit of booking 1 per day (please contact us if you’d like to book another class that day, so we can manually make the adjustment).

Studio Etiquette



Please BE ON TIME.

Arrive at the studio at least 5-10 minutes early to avoid rushing. Give yourself enough time to settle into your space without rushing or stressing! Coming late to your class is extremely distracting and disrespectful to your fellow yogis and instructor. There is a 5 minute grace time for you to get to class. After 5 minutes, you will not be allowed into class. We know life happens- please use this grace time for emergencies only. Mat spaces are based on a first-come first-serve basis, please do not save mat spaces for a friend.


Practice social distancing.

Please respect your neighbor’s space and stay in your mat brackets.


The yoga room is a quiet space.

Observe silence before and during practice; please refrain from any conversations. This can be distracting for the teacher and other students. Please turn off your phone once class starts– do not use your phone during class; if you have an emergency, please step outside the yoga room.

Option to modify your practice.

Please listen to your body and modify as needed, however if you choose to not flow with the class, please consider choosing a spot that is not in front of anyone, to avoid any distractions to the rest of the class. Leaving the room during class should be limited to emergencies. If you must leave the room, please do so quietly. Leaving and entering the room during class can be disruptive to other students.


Make it until Namasté.

We highly encourage you to stay for your final resting pose, Savasana. This final relaxation pose is vital to your practice that lets your body fully receive the benefits of yoga. However, if you must leave early, please do so BEFORE Savasana, while everyone is stretching out/cooling down to prevent any distractions. In a sculpt class, do not put your weights away early (this is hazardous while other students are lying down). If you must leave early, leave your weights where they’re at and we will take care of them for you. #makeitnamaste



▶︎ Contracts are billed on a monthly recurring basis. Membership fees will be automatically charged to your credit card. Memberships may not be shared.

▶︎ TO PAUSE MEMBERSHIP: Please fill out the web form below. Members may pause a membership once in a calendar year for one month in order to keep their current rate. (Injuries or expecting mothers may pause for up to 9 months with a note from a doctor). 

▶︎ TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP: Please fill out the web form below. 30 days written notice is required to cancel. If you cancel a membership, you may lose your existing rate. If your billing date is less than 30 days from your notice date, you will be charged for one final month.

* If your monthly auto-payment fails for any reason, your membership may be cancelled.


Thank you!

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