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"You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give."

LXRYOGA was founded by Huy & Tess who are both yoga instructors teaching out of Orange County. Their journeys crossed paths when they met in 2011, intertwined when they married in 2015, and expanded when they decided to give back their love of yoga to others. 

The yoga practice has brought immense positivity and genuine self-growth into each of their lives throughout the years; they feel it is only right to share that feeling with the world. The yoga community has given them the luxury of physical, mental, and spiritual health, a gift they strive to give back to the community.


“This is not about how or where we teach, this is not about our accolades. This is about all the amazing benefits yoga has brought to us, and we just want to share that with you. We hope to meet you in person on our mats.” - Huy & Tess

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