▶︎ What do I need? What should I wear? 

Yoga mat, towel, and water. We have Manduka Pro mat rentals ($3), mat towel rental ($2), and Voss bottled water for sale ($2). Be sure to wear fitted exercise clothes. No shoes in the studio.


▶︎ How much time should I give myself before class to arrive? Do I need to pre-register for classes? 

First-timers should arrive 15 minutes before class to meet your instructor and ask questions. You do not need a reservation for class. 


▶︎ Do I have to be flexible to do yoga? 

Yoga helps you gain more flexibility, which loosens tight muscles and prevents injury. The quality of your practice doesn’t depend on whether you can touch your toes, but how much you are able to tune into yourself. 


▶︎Are the classes open-level? What if I can’t do a pose? 

No problem! The teacher will offer different modifications so that everyone can benefit from the postures, even if there are poses that you can't fully extend to. Be patient, give yourself time, and trust in the process. 


▶︎ Can I still take a class if I'm pregnant? Can I still practice with a health condition or injury? 

Please ask your doctor. They know what’s best for you and your situation. Be sure to consult with your doctor before you take any of our classes while pregnant. 


▶︎ What classes do you offer? Are all the classes heated? How hot? 

All of our classes are practiced in an infrared heated room. Please see class description for more information and class formats.


▶︎ Can I share class packages? 

No, classes are non-transferable. 

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