Coming from a very competitive background consisting of playing basketball/volleyball all four years in high school, 12 years later, Huy is still playing both sports in competitive leagues. One thing he loves about yoga is... [read more]


Tess grew up with an active lifestyle-- She earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do at a young age, did competitive swimming, and played water polo all 4 years of high school. Always enthusiastic about moving, she enjoys...[read more]


Born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA, Jennifer has always had a keen sense for business and fitness. Living her life like Yin and Yang, Jennifer is also a certified Hot Yoga, Pilates, and Spin instructor and is currently...[read more]


Rachael has been in love with movement, exploration of the body, and self care for over 18 years. Her journey with exercise roots back to her childhood where she dedicated hours to dance because of her extreme passion and feeling...[read more]


This is Erica, and the 3 loves of her life are: her husband, her dog, and YOGA ♥ Yoga is her favorite way to express her curiosity and creativity~ Erica took her first class in 2011, but became fully devoted to her yoga practice in 2017...[read more]


From a very young age Darren has been guided into a more ‘spiritual’ way of living.  At the age of 15 he started to suffer from acute migraines, aching joints, and a weak immune system. Constantly being in and out of the hospital...[read more]


Juliet started her yoga practice in 2013 after coming in for a free week trial. It initially served as a challenging physical workout, but quickly became a lifestyle. Her yoga practice has helped her to become more confident, strong...[read more]


Cheri found yoga in 2013 during a rough time in her life. She began practicing daily and quickly realized how her mind shifted towards gratitude and self-awareness. She gained confidence and calmness that she never knew before. After...[read more]


Yoga is the process and journey of integrating the mind, body, and spirit. It’s about letting go, reconnecting, and continuously evolving, with love and compassion. Jane first came to yoga seeking the physical challenge of...[read more]


Perla found yoga in 2014 when her sister took her first hot yoga class in Huntington Beach. Yoga became a passion and with a love for teaching, she shortly signed up for her 200 hr yoga...[read more]


Natalie's journey into yoga began in her teenage years. At that time she found yoga to relieve anxiety and increase flexibility. Today, yoga has a different meaning for her. Yoga connects the mind, body... [read more]

Karen stumbled into her first Buti Yoga class without knowing what it was & absolutely fell in love with it. Buti helped her turn inward & feel empowered in her own skin. Buti helped her... [read more]


Lexi was 16 and seeking ways to ease her depression, yoga found her and changed her entire life. She is able to move freely and flow without any restrictions. It grounds her and reminds her...[read more]

IMG_7451 2.JPG

From a young age, Amber was a fitness-nut & an athlete.  In 2003, she started yoga with a DVD & it was love at first Savasana. She dove into the philosophy & it has been the foundation of her life...[read more]

Nicolette is a dancer turned yogi with a passion for intuitive wellness. She started dancing at the age of four, taking hundreds of classes a month ranging from ballet, jazz, and musician theater. At the age of 12 she left...[read more]


Haley grew up a dancer, mover, and creative. She received her BFA in Dance from CSULB and experienced yoga for the first time in her college dance courses. She loved the focus on breath and how the practice strengthened...[read more]

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Beth found yoga 7 years ago in a small studio in San Francisco. She was immediately intrigued and inspired to learn more but didn’t make her practice a priority. Years later she was drawn back to yoga after undergoing some of...[read more]

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