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Tess grew up with an active lifestyle-- She earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do at a young age, did competitive swimming, and played water polo all 4 years of high school. Always enthusiastic about moving, she enjoys rollerblading, biking, and weight lifting. A couple of years ago, Tess gave yoga a try because she was interested in another way of getting in a sweat. She quickly discovered that it wasn’t just about getting in a physical workout.. She fell in love with yoga for the other aspect of it-- finding stillness, balance, and strength, both mentally and physically. It was a perfect blend between being able to move, breathe, and tune in--all at once. 


Besides hanging out with her energetic baby girl, Tess loves sharing her passion for yoga, fitness, and health with others. Tess’s favorite style to teach is power vinyasa, where you can test your strength mentally and physically, through a powerful, energetic form of yoga-- along with upbeat music where it is needed to keep you motivated and determined.

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