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Why I yoga: for full body and mind connection while I create the strongest version of myself- physically and mentally. When I’m on my mat, the outside world doesn’t exist. Yoga has allowed me to let go and find trust within the universe.


Bio: a few years back, my friend dragged me to Yoga Sculpt class that I was resisting on taking. I didn’t know much about yoga, but agreed to workout with my friend. Fast forward an hour after my first sculpt class and I was in love. I quickly became addicted to Yoga Sculpt which then grew into loving Vinyasa yoga as well. I craved the mind body connection I felt on my mat and the feeling that the outside world didn’t exist for an hour. I was able to let go, sweat, and find myself. Yoga has transformed my life, mind, and community and has made such a positive impact on me. My intention is to share the experience with those who come and take my class. 


Outside of work, I live an active lifestyle- always wanting to move whether it’s taking a spin class, HITT training, hiking, or taking a sculpt class. I love to make plant-based treats in the kitchen, and hangout with my puppy Tofu!

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