Nicolette is a dancer turned yogi with a passion for intuitive wellness. She started dancing at the age of four, taking hundreds of classes a month ranging from ballet, jazz, and musician theater. At the age of 12 she left her strict ballet studio to peruse her love for jazz and competing in competitions throughout high school and college. After 20 years of dancing she hung up her shoes and fell in love with the gym. For 3 years straight, the gym was her second room following a strict schedule and going 6 days a week. About 2 years ago she took her first hot yoga class and instantly fell in love. Flowing around the mat reminded her of her dancing days and taking yoga sculpt filled the gym void. After a year of being a student she decided to enroll in teacher training. Training for her not only taught her the world of yoga but it taught her how to love herself again. She came out of a training a completely new person, ready to teach the world. With a less than a year of training under her belt, she’s fell in love with being a teacher and being able to share a part of her with her students. She looks forward to expanding her yoga knowledge and growing as a teacher in years to come.