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Karen stumbled into her first Buti Yoga class without knowing what it was & absolutely fell in love with it. Buti helped her turn inward & feel empowered in her own skin. Buti helped her find her voice & journey to self-love. Karen earned a Buti Yoga certification, went on to complete Advanced Buti Yoga Certification, & later completed a 200hr YTT. Yoga has facilitated substantial personal growth her life. It has allowed her to reflect, move through the world with compassion, & adopt a flow state of mind. The asana is pure movement medicine. The word Buti means, “a cure that has been kept secret.” The secret is that you are the cure; you have everything inside of you to unlock your fullest potential. Karen enjoys guiding students through Buti Yoga & seeing them step into their power to find that all we seek is already within.