Juliet started her yoga practice in 2013 after coming in for a free week trial. It initially served as a challenging physical workout, but quickly became a lifestyle. Her yoga practice has helped her to become more confident, strong, resilient, flexible, and opened up the ability to slowly start to heal herself. For Juliet, Yoga became the catalyst to building a conscious and authentic relationship to loving herself. 

Yoga inspires Juliet to live each moment with intentional awareness and gratitude for life. 

She is forever a student to the practice and humbly grateful for all the wisdom and love shared with her. 


Juliet lovingly creates a space for you to unroll your mat, come exactly as you are, and empower you to find a deeper connection to life. One breath at a time. You can expect challenging poses met with the softness and fluidity of breath dancing your way into your own heart space. A practice that dives into the exploration of your essence, an expression of your soul.