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Erica took her first class in 2011, but became fully devoted to her yoga practice in 2017, right after she returned from a 3 month break from real life (quit her job to travel).


She had an incredible experience traveling yet still felt lost and in search of something missing. When she returned home she started taking yoga classes again and became inspired to do a teacher training program, expecting only to deepen her practice. The deeper Erica got into her practice, the more she broke open. Her initial goals in yoga were to get strong, flexible, and do gravity defying poses. But it is in the mind and spirit where she realized she has the most work to do. That is when her yoga journey truly began. When Erica finally got the courage to teach her first class, she decided that this would be her way of dedicating herself to this inner work, and to serving others by supporting them on their own yoga journey.


Yoga has given Erica so much, and teaching is how she hopes to give back. She truly believes a little bit of yoga goes a long way in enriching anyone’s life. When we stretch our bodies we can stretch our minds, creating a space of compassion for ourselves and everyone around us. Erica always encourage her students to feel at home in their bodies, to breathe through any challenge in her class with a calm mind and open heart. Her hope is that each student who takes her class leaves feeling at peace, yet energized and accomplished. The hardest part is making it to your mat, so she wants each student to know that they have already filled their cup by simply showing up!

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