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From a very young age Darren has been guided into a more ‘spiritual’ way of living.  At the age of 15 he started to suffer from acute migraines, aching joints, and a weak immune system. Constantly being in and out of the hospital and being told that there is nothing wrong with him sought him to seek what would bring healing to his body. Little did he know he was embarking along a journey home to himself. Finally after numerous visits to the hospital he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. You can say this was divine intervention. A yoga practice formed during the dark night of his soul has brought Darren to practice and teach yoga. Yoga was the mirror to help him heal from the physical and emotional illness that was prominent in his life and opened him up to other alternative ways of healing. Darren’s intention for teaching is to guide people home to themselves by sharing his yoga practice with the individuals he is privileged enough to meet along his journey. Along with yoga Darren is also a Sound Guide and Reiki Practitioner and offers energetic based healing sessions which are tailored for the overall well being of the individual.

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