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LXR Vinyasa 1

Structured for those newer to yoga or those wanting a basic flow. This class introduces foundational yoga postures, deep connections to breath, and a balanced comfortable learning environment while providing the feel of a typical vinyasa class. Although this class moves at a slower pace, expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.


LXR Vinyasa 2

Designed for you to discover new, different, and challenging ways to expand your practice. You will move mindfully while building both strength and balance. Expect to move with your breath and focus your attention; this class brings a well-balanced flow that will get you out of your head and into your body and breath. You will be moving mindfully but powerfully.


LXR Yoga Sculpt

A perfect blend of vinyasa flow, resistance training, and light cardio to get the best of all worlds. Ideal for you to shift your focus more on strength, this class empowers you to focus on muscles that are not typically worked on in traditional yoga, and therefore will strengthen your everyday practice. This class will be led with an upbeat playlist to push your physical and mental strength. Expect a good sweat so your body gets the detox it needs to flush out the toxins from your body. You will leave class ready to take on whatever life has to throw at you.



LXR Restore

This gentle combination class will guide you through body-opening poses, loosen up tension, and relieve stress. LX Restorative yin yoga targets the body’s connective tissues as poses are held for extended periods of time. Unlike our LX intRo and LXR2 practice, this slow-paced class will create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, and tendons. This class will complement your vinyasa practice and will open and release areas in your body in need of additional stretching.



LX Chair Yoga

Our gentlest form of yoga we offer. Students flow through postures and breathing exercises with the aid of a chair. You will experience deep, rhythmic breath accompanied by simple stretches in a safe and comfortable setting. Students can experience the many benefits of yoga without having to get up or down from the floor. Expect to benefit from increased balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, all while reducing stress.




Interested in another type of yoga not listed? Let us know! One of our instructors is likely able to teach it.

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